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Working in high-tech B2B marketing for as long as we have, we’ve come to appreciate the artistry behind great engineering. Our clients’ work truly fascinates and inspires us. It’s with great pride that we put our own creative and analytic instincts to work in developing their magnetic brands.

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Robots and wearables on the assembly line highlight trends to watch as American manufacturers continue to reshore.

Posted by Dave Strand on July 5, 2016

According to Assembly Magazine’s, Austin Webber, “Manufacturing today is leaner and greener than ever.” As engineers are increasingly focusing on lighter, more thermally stable, and versatile materials, managers are instituting sustainable production initiatives and a transformation of how a wide variety of US made products are designed and assembled is in the works. These trends are influencing manufacturers to invest in new tools and technologies ranging from collaborative robots to additive manufacturing and wearable devices on or near the assembly line. In fact, the 21st annual ASSEMBLY State of the Profession survey finds that more than one out of three companies (42 percent) will be allocating more resources toward assembly operations during the next 12 months. READ ON