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Strand Marketing: Dare to make them think
Custom MMIC
How do you convince microwave subsystem designers that it’s time to change their approach to sourcing their integrated circuits and leave their comfort zone of buying off-the-shelf solutions? That’s what the founders of Custom MMIC were asking themselves right before their engagement with Strand.
Allied Vision Technologies
If there’s one thing specifiers of machine vision cameras can rely on it’s a plethora of options from manufacturers and continuous one-upmanship from one to the next -- which is good for the system engineer buying cameras, but a challenge for the camera brand to stand out when all your competitors have you under the lens.
In the world of IT services there can be only one true underlying message: “We’ll keep your computers humming.” But with so many players making the same old claims, Axis Computer Networks tasked Strand to not only come up with a new brand position, but an entirely new look to break through the noise.
One of the great things about running a smaller agency is you get the opportunity to help a David take on a Goliath every now and again. With major league competitors launching their own version of USB-powered devices into the industry it was critical that Vaunix came out with a thump.
Santron - Logo Santron - Alt Tag 2 Santron - Alt Tag 3 Santron - Alt Tag 4 Santron - Alt Tag 5 Santron - Alt Tag 6
Market conditions were changing quickly in the coaxial business in 2007. Everyone with a CNC machine from here to China was hanging out a shingle as a manufacturer of connectors, and prices were being eroded quickly. San-tron’s tried and true positioning that kept them thriving when military spending was strong, was being challenged by the new dynamic and they needed to react.
Other Clients
We hope these clients don’t get miffed. We love them as much as the others. We just thought your attention span would be just about kaput right about now. So enjoy a couple more samples of our work, and let us know via our connect page if you’d like to hear any of these back stories.
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