If there’s one thing buyers of machine-vision cameras can rely on it’s a plethora of options from manufacturers, and continuous one-upmanship from one to the next. This is good for the system engineer buying cameras, but a challenge for the camera brand looking to stand out when competitors have you under the lens. That’s the situation we found Allied Vision in when we first engaged with them in 2006. Their foothold in North America was unstable, and they were hardly a household name despite having an incredible lineup of German-engineered solutions. We helped them overcome that challenge and have now been presented a new one — they want to present themselves as more than a camera company.

The Strand Marketing Solution

After exponential growth due in part to a successful product-driven print advertising campaign for the last nine years, product promotion has been shifted to digital advertising, PR and social media while a brand campaign offers a higher level engagement. This new campaign centers on insightful collaboration as an underlying brand promise and theme and it plays out in a uniquely integrated media plan including industry magazines, online communities, email, worldwide tradeshows, eBooks, multimedia video and other content-driven, inbound strategies. Strand is the lead creative team.