The business of cutting, drilling, and welding metals, ceramic materials, adhesives, and electronics is inherently a messy business at the point of action. And a previous owner had allowed the brand to take on a similar outward appearance.

The Strand Marketing Solution

Working with new ownership, Strand performed a strategic discovery workshop which uncovered that the shop was being trusted to process some of the most innovative work for brands any government or medical contractor would die for. Their relationships are considered so vitally important, in fact, the team at Laser Services is often counted on to make adjustments to designs and provide supply-chain-level advice on processing and materials choices. We immediately went to work on improving their brand ID with a new logo, website, brochure, and tradeshow graphics to give them the recognition they deserve. And today, an inbound marketing campaign centered on thought leadership in laser processing and materials science, has their sales team responding to more quality opportunities every week.