On one hand, living under a large corporate umbrella and being fed some pretty amazing government contract work is a real opportunity to develop some pretty awesome circuit technology and IP. On the other, as one comes out from under that wing as a result of a divestiture, that IP can only take you so far. Such was the case for Metrigraphics, a former division of global powerhouse Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC).

The Strand Marketing Solution

By first conducting a deep-dive discovery on their IP and in-house capabilities, Strand turned the findings into a customer-centric branding and lead-generation campaign centered on their key differentiator of sub-micron-size circuit development. Starting with a new website with SEO and a sales brochure, we’re now integrating an inbound marketing strategy with email, PR, social, tradeshow marketing, and online advertising. They're experiencing more quality sales leads in the last few months than they received in the whole year before our engagement.