Strand Marketing: inbound

Your measurable results come from our immeasurable commitment to the best inbound marketing ideas on earth.

The shift is real. B2B prospects like yours are comfortable waiting just a little longer to build a short list of suppliers because they can count on a Google search, or an email to suggest or remind them of solid choices when they're ready. They're simply empowered more in today's B2B sales cycle because of this dynamic. Inbound marketing is rooted in this modern B2B sales dynamic. Our job is to make you an obvious choice at the moment of truth. We'll have you branded as the thought leader well ahead of time, and make sure you're there just when you're needed. Ultimately, we'll have them responding from their inbox because you just came across their radar at the right time. But we'll also optimize your website and blog, and create a content strategy that will make your site the one search engines will love.

What's our inbound marketing formula? By combining the best ideas in B2B PR and social media strategy with an insightful SEO and email marketing campaign (and often some traditional B2B advertising and tradeshow marketing), we'll put you where the action is, get you to stand up and stand out, and we'll put a call to action in front of your prospects at just the right time. As we reel them in, we'll feed them into your CRM system so your sales team can close them.

How can you keep up with some of the same ideas we’re following? First, sign up for our blog, and second take a look at our software partner, HubSpot. They’re simply the most powerful influencer of inbound marketing ideas on earth. (While HubSpot is our go-to platform we also work with clients who’ve integrated other marketing automation tools, such as Marketo, Silverpop, and Pardot.)

Our Inbound Marketing Campaigns are a Blend of:

• Social and Earned PR
• Blogging
• Downloadable Content
• Email Marketing and Landing Pages
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Google Adwords or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategies
• Traditional and Digital Advertising

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